RCLapAnalysis (c)2012

RC Lap Analysis from N-E Systems (Scotland) Ltd

RCLapAnalysis aims to show rc racers how fast they could go, if they remain consistent throughout a race. The best drivers maintain a constant average laptime - they rarely falter or "crash". The advantage RCLapAnalysis brings, is that you can compare your race performance, against competitors.

Ok - you had a bad run - was the car off the pace, or was it just you? A single laptime will tell you some of the story, but more consistent metrics, such as "Crashless Average" and "Best 3, 6 & 9-lap Averages" will tell you much more.

This service can be provided real-time for Large scale events - please contact us for more info.
If you would like your club/meeting results analysed after the event has finished and the results published,
please send your results url to us at N-E Systems. Only Live events cost - post-analysis is free